Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Website

Hi everyone..
so I have a website now.. it's still a work in progress..
so be patient with me.. I will still be blogging on this page as well, but the new site will have a blog page!


I have a child - she is cute and adorable, and there are times I can't believe that she is mine.

She likes to clean my bike after she has colored it in chalk.

She is all mine.. all mine.. and there are days when buttons are pushed

Then she decides that we need shoes, not just her but me as well and they have to match..and so this is our pair of shoes... I think we did good...

Yup all mine....

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ride for Dad

Saturday was the Ride For Dad, I had an amazing time and experience. I have the group of guys that I have become my second family. I feel very privilege to be apart of of the 3rd CAV.

I can't wait to have my own bike someday, but for now.. I will glad take the back seat!

I also took over 700 pictures of my CAV members and motorcycles.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

projects on the go

I am in the midst of producing a really neat jungle theme mobile for a baby's room.. The room is green and was given the matching yarn and was told have fun! Once thing I have come to realise is like food my eyes are bigger then my stomach.. or in this case project.... I'm creating leaves, leaves and more leaves, because in my sketch many vines to fill.... but it will be gorgeous (well in my head it will be).

I've also been hired to do some freelance work for a bed and breakfast... will show more later

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yarn shop Closing

Upon my terrible discovery my favorite yarn shop is closing... NOOOOOO

Positives : the yarn that has been to expensive to buy is now 50% off.. which I ended up buying a wack load of bamboo yarn, and 100% cotton yarn as well.. the problem is what to make of it?????

I at least have a few more weeks to take advantage of the sale... I have my eye on a few other colors and yarn...