Friday, August 27, 2010

Pumkin Patch

As you all know I have been crocheting for almost a year, and have been coming up with ideas.. well I have been donating all my hats to the hospital for the premies and neo-natal unit. A few days ago I recieved a phone call and was asked if I could make pumpkin hats for October... well i made three sizes as prototypes.. and I'm really happy with the outcome..

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Picture taking and Holidays

I had the privilege of having a few days off last weekend..It was awesome and much needed. I went to Canmore to our annual Gathering. It was amazing to meet so many new people, and enjoy the mountains, and be an Albertan again for only a few days.
I have lived in Victoria for over 8 years now.. 8 years I have called it my home, but honestly there is no place, but seeing the red letter licenses and just knowing I was in the province I was raised, well it made me a little home sick ( I SAID A LITTLE )

The Gathering was a good time had by all, and I of course brought the camera along... and there are good things and bad things about bringing your camera...

1. It's fun to capture people in rare moments, or crazy moments
2. Your ALWAYS behind the camera
3. Your the one taking all the pictures
4. Unfortunately your ALWAYS behind the camera, and as your trying to capture moments for everyone else, sometimes you miss out on creating your own. NOT that I am complain, this is what I love to do, it's just your always behind the camera.
5. Your a voyeur that everyone knows about, but learns to ignore you, which allows you to capture the special moments.
6. Have to go threw all the photos that you took, and try to figure out which ones are the good ones.
7. People start to know you as the "girl with the camera attached to her face" or hey didn't recognize you without your camera"

SO all in all .. it's all good.. and I love what I do, and I enjoy seeing the people laugh and smile when they see my pictures, and remember that moment that I captured just for them...

If you would like to see just some of the 3000 pictures I took from my trip you can find them HERE

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wedding Pictures

There are wedding pictures posted on my website of John and Marie-Claude's wedding.
It was truly an amazing day..

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Clean, watered and fed

When your down to you last undies.. which usually means your hitting the good ole reliable granny undies.. you know it's time to do laundry. Adele and I went to my cousin's to do laundry and get a good visit in. Always love going up there. Adele has a lot of fun with K, and it burns both of them out!
Once again Gerry out did himself with a cured smoked ham.. OMG drool...

We played in their pool, but holy crap was it cold!!!!!! If I was a guy I would have had turtle syndrome!!!!

As per usual, Adele had her little fit at supper time.. it was nastier then the rest of the times.. she really needs to get a nap in before supper.. she can be just plain mean.. there was a bit of a screaming match.. and mommy won, but man is this kid stubborn!!!!!

Overall it was a fantastic day... love spending time with family!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I passed my course.. and soon after that I was out on the highway on the bike!!! Thank you to Miley and Glenn, went on an awesome ride.. I can't tell you the thrill it was to be out on the open road.. feeling the wind, and reving up the throttle as we went into a turn! The sound was incredible..
Tonight i get to ride with the group for the first time as a rider, and not on a backseat. I'm nervous.. I won't lie about that.. but I just have to remember what I learnt this weekend.. and to remain calm and always look UP and look where you want to go

On the long weekend I took my course via the Vancouver Island Safety Council, a none profit organization that teaches safety on how to ride properly. It is the best out there.. and do I recommend them.. OH HELL YEAH!! Would I recommend this course for already experience riders.. once again HELL YEAH... Worth every penny!