Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekend with Mini Me....

I'm very excited, this is my weekend with my baby girl, and I have so many arts and craft ideas to do with her. I'm hoping to take her swimming, my little one is becoming a fish, sigh just like her mom used to be.
If the weather keeps like it is right now.. I'm thinking a trip to the butterfly gardens might be in order, or the aquarium!
Tonight Adele and I are going to cuddle and watch a movie "Nanny McPhee".  I'm pretty excited to watch it with her. She loves the second one, and Don and I were able to find the first one at Future Shop for $5!!!!!
So many adventures to be had this weekend.. maybe we might go explore rain puddles!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

feeling naked.....

ugh I left my phone at home.... I never leave it at home.. I'm feeling soooo naked without it!
by the time I realised I had left it at home, there was no way I could  turn around..
I have a blackberry bold.. LOVE LOVE my blackberry!!!

Blackberry = RIM = Canadian which in turns = good for the Canadian economie.
It's one of my reasons why I am not an iphone, or samsung user.

I truly believe in supporting Canadian goods if I can.

I miss you my blackberry! I hope your nice and cozy on the living room table!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby Grayson

copyright: Genevieve Primeau - and of the photos can not be copied without permission
I had the privilege of taking pictures of my good friend's new baby boy Grayson. This little man is only 11 days old. He is so adorable, and yes I got to hold him! Nothing like fresh new baby smell!
Mom is doing fantastic and looks amazing for having a baby 11 days ago..  72 hours of labor - 4 hours of pushing, and a bundle of joy at the end.

baby toes

tiny fingers - so delicate 
These are only a few of the pics from yesterday. Again thanks Ray and Carmel for letting me capture a special moment in time! One that will be cherished as well as blackmail pics for his wedding day.. wink wink!

Friday, October 21, 2011


It's Friday..

What are YOU doing this weekend?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

just as important.......

I'm in the process of teaching Adele that everyone has a turn when talking.. I have found that people will just gladly interrupt a little person talking, like what they have to say isn't as important as what an adult has to say. So in turn I have found that not only am I teaching Adele the importance but adults as well.
That her little voice, her thoughts and ideas are just as important. 

I have stop many conversations already with adults who have talked over Adele, to let her finish what she was trying to tell me, before she was interrupted. Don't get me wrong I have also stopped Adele when she has tried to interrupt in some else's conversation, and explain to her to wait her turn. Teaching her respect towards others as well...

So I guess my thought today is.. no matter how small, or how old, allllll are important.. and yes including the thoughts of a 4 year old, trying to explain what alien slime knots are....

Monday, October 17, 2011

weekend art projects

This weekend Adele and I played with glue, glass, more glue, and crayons...
one project HUGE success the other NOT so much.. but a learning experience...

First Project..
White Glue, a frame and coloured glass "stones"
It's pretty simple pour glue onto the glass and start placing the stones
The one of the left is Adele's. We had a really fun time making these.. Only draw back is that I'm still waiting for the glue to dry. It's been since Saturday and still waiting to hang these puppies in the window of the living room!

Second project... not so good
Making our own crayons out of old crayons...
Required - crayons (paper removed) a hammer and mould

Sooooooo we had a lot of fun with the hammer.. and crushed the crayons bits to even tinier bits! then I placed them into the mould .. ...

Out come

Lesson learnt..
to make these robots it will have to be a layer process.. so once the initial wax has melted you then have to create another layer to make it more solid, hence our decapitated heads, arms, and legs.. BUT on a positive not, Adele did have fun colouring with one of the decapitated heads!!! So I plan on doing this project again with her.. if anything to have fun with the hammer!!!!!

Next project.. ink and water!

Blast from the past....

It has been awhile since I had graduated from Computermaster - a school where I learnt how to do 3D animation as well graphic design.
Walking in HomeDepot a blast from the past literally walked right by me! It was my Animation teach Rob Ives. Folks this guys is an incredible artist. I loved his art then and I still do to this day!
He is a local artist from Victoria, amazing talent!

Go take a look at what he has done!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

adele moments

I thought I would share some of my daughter's thoughts that were told to me yesterday and this morning...

Mom - Adele what would you like to be for halloween (mom thinking a princess)
Adele - I beluga whale

About cougars

Mom - "we have to be careful when outside if there is a cougar warning"
Adele - "no mama, cause some cougars wear leopard print, and long nails.. and only likes boys.. not girls - so we're safe"

Adele - what would you like me to draw for you mama
Mom - how about a flower
Adele - NO you want me to draw you an alien pig!
Mom - ok

to be continued........

Thursday, October 13, 2011

messages below....

As we were walking around Calgary,  and being that my father taught me to always look around even under your feet.. I found wonderful messages that people had painted

Just goes to show that there are messages everywhere.. .... some of them are right at your feet... so don't be afraid to look down.. there might be words of encouragement to make you hold your head up high!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

returned from Cowtown

I went to visit my boyfriend... yes people I said BOYFRIEND.. in Calgary..
Ok will give you a moment to absorb that one..... BOYFRIEND.. hahaha..
It was a wonderful 6 days with him, exploring the city of Calgary.. I was amazed by the incredible  architecture that this city had to offer.. 

So many small old buildings surround by these gigantic sky scrapers.... it was really a site to see.

I was also stunned at the how many status that surround the city
pondering the next move

that's a good move

I absolutely love this statue.. made me think of Adele and I

uhm not sure why there were pink ground hog statues everywhere in this park

creepy long tall people

I have many more pics to show you people... so bare with me, I will have a few more blog write ups on my trip..

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the same....

Adele and I have the same color of Converse shoes. These are actually her third pair... and in all honestly I will keep buying them, and I will keep every pair.. She loves the fact that we match.. and I will treasure that always.. until she becomes a teenager and thinks it's un-cool to be like mom.. and when that day comes, I know it will bring a tear to my eye..

Monday, October 3, 2011

busy weekend

I had Adele this weekend, and it was so awesome.
We went swimming, my little girl is turning into a fish....
We did painting, and played with sparkles..
and in the end... my angel fell asleep

as she slept I sat and stared and wondered what was she dreaming? Was she dreaming of swimming with the dolphins, or playing in a playground.... in the end I picked her up and held her, and told her she is loved, kissed her warm forehead. I didn't want to let go, I just wanted to hold her... sigh.. mushy mom moment was brought to you today by the letters.. A D E L E  ......