Wednesday, October 12, 2011

returned from Cowtown

I went to visit my boyfriend... yes people I said BOYFRIEND.. in Calgary..
Ok will give you a moment to absorb that one..... BOYFRIEND.. hahaha..
It was a wonderful 6 days with him, exploring the city of Calgary.. I was amazed by the incredible  architecture that this city had to offer.. 

So many small old buildings surround by these gigantic sky scrapers.... it was really a site to see.

I was also stunned at the how many status that surround the city
pondering the next move

that's a good move

I absolutely love this statue.. made me think of Adele and I

uhm not sure why there were pink ground hog statues everywhere in this park

creepy long tall people

I have many more pics to show you people... so bare with me, I will have a few more blog write ups on my trip..