Monday, October 17, 2011

weekend art projects

This weekend Adele and I played with glue, glass, more glue, and crayons...
one project HUGE success the other NOT so much.. but a learning experience...

First Project..
White Glue, a frame and coloured glass "stones"
It's pretty simple pour glue onto the glass and start placing the stones
The one of the left is Adele's. We had a really fun time making these.. Only draw back is that I'm still waiting for the glue to dry. It's been since Saturday and still waiting to hang these puppies in the window of the living room!

Second project... not so good
Making our own crayons out of old crayons...
Required - crayons (paper removed) a hammer and mould

Sooooooo we had a lot of fun with the hammer.. and crushed the crayons bits to even tinier bits! then I placed them into the mould .. ...

Out come

Lesson learnt..
to make these robots it will have to be a layer process.. so once the initial wax has melted you then have to create another layer to make it more solid, hence our decapitated heads, arms, and legs.. BUT on a positive not, Adele did have fun colouring with one of the decapitated heads!!! So I plan on doing this project again with her.. if anything to have fun with the hammer!!!!!

Next project.. ink and water!