Sunday, September 29, 2013

Minion Hats

I have been working on making minion hats. It was an unexpected and but wonderful surprise to see that people like my creations. I have been a crocheting mad women, and loving it!

Each hat is unique, and there will never be another like the previous.. That's the beauty of handmade products. Each hat is special!

Crocheting is relaxing, and most are done with me sitting on the floor surround by yarn and papers and a good movie on the TV.

If you would like to have a minion hat for a family member or just for yourself, send me a message and I can send  pricing and options for your hat.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Goldstream Hatchery

I had the privilege threw work to take pictures of this amazing place. The dedication to keeping the variety of salmon species alive in our oceans is unbelievable. These amazing volunteers help year round with the nurturing of small fry until they are released into the wild.

I am looking forward to returning at the end of October to document with my camera, when the salmon are in the creek to spawn.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

What happened....

Hi everyone.. an odd title indeed.. well to be honest I have somewhat disappeared to heal. My body decided that it wanted to shut down, and I guess reboot. In January I became very ill, and I haven't been the same since. I have gone threw the gamut of test, been poked and scanned, and still there are no answers. It's been a journey of strength and tolerance to say the least. I have amazing friends and support at home, but it's been a hard experience!

But while experiencing the turmoils of my health, there is one thing that helps me forget and that is my motorcycle. My amazing and best friend Deb decided to give me the most amazing gift, she customized my bike. She took what was a typical Honda Shadow, and turned it into what you see above. There is no other bike like it , it is truly a one of a kind!
The bike brings me joy and a senses of peace. Why do I ride, I ride because it gives me freedom, I ride to feel what it's like to fly without wings, I can because I can!

Do you have a motorcycle??? What do you ride, I encourage people to share with me...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Space Oddity

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Training and the rules!

I have downloaded the 10 week training guide, as well as what to expect!!! OH BOY!
I can do this, I know I can. My biggest challenge to date ( besides being a mom).

Why you may ask.. because this is a charity I believe in, that I know does make the difference in so many lives. That the funds raise goes to the ones who need it, and best of all -

It's helping our Soldiers help others! 

I'm not one to do fundraising and to be honest I feel really uncomfortable asking for money, especially with our economie, but like I said before this is a charity worth donating to. For once I know that what I am doing is going to help children, women in need and most of all families!

So I have placed a widget on my blog in hopes that I can ask for my readers for their support.

If you want to learn more about Boomer's Legacy, and how it came to be please click on the link

Again thank you for everyone's support.. it ALL COUNTS and it matters!
Also please check out Goldstream Cycles, these guys have been a huge help with making this all possible for me!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Boomer's Legacy all signed up

It's official I am signed up!
SO here we go....

Family & Friends, Please help me support Boomer's Legacy by making a donation through my page. Even a small donation will help me achieve my goal! The process is fast, easy, and secure. 

Please help me raise my goal and perhaps even surpass it!!!!

What is Boomer's Legacy??

Boomer’s Legacy was created in 2006 to embody the passion Cpl. Andrew “Boomer” Eykelenboom had towards helping people in need in areas where he was deployed as a Canadian Forces Medical Technician. The goal of Boomer’s Legacy is to empower Canadian Forces soldiers, sailors, airmen and airwomen with the ability to carry on Andrew’s strongly felt desire to provide much needed humanitarian assistance to people in areas of deployed Canadian operations.
Boomer’s Legacy raises funds for these endeavors primarily by “Boomer Rides,” which are road-cycling trips that gather individual and group sponsorship. Currently Boomer Rides are held on an annual basis in British Columbia and Nova Scotia, with Rides in Alberta and Ontario being added this year. There have even been Boomer “Spin-a-Thon” Rides held by deployed troops in Afghanistan!

Thanks so much for your support to everyone!!!


Friday, January 4, 2013

Boomer's Legacy Sign up

It's JUST around the corner everyone! The official sign up date for Boomer's Legacy ride is January 15, 2013!!!
I'm so excited yet nervous all at once! If there are still some of you out there that doesn't know about Boomer's Legacy CLICK HERE
They have a new website and it's looking amazing!
I hope everyone who reads my post have a fantastic year!