Thursday, January 27, 2011


I took a trip to restart or rejuvenate my soul. I went home.
Now most people when taking holidays go to a warm place on this earth.. NOOOO I went the opposite direction.. I went to -39 temperatures, and I was never more happier!.
I needed it oddly enough.
I did find an amazing yarn shop in Edmonton River City Yarn Shop, and met some amazing ladies. I did meant to go back to the store before I left but time was not on my side. So if your ever in Edmonton. This is the place to go!
I had an amazing visit with my sister, and it was so good for me to spend time with her, and my mom. I miss my family even more now, I had been somewhat recluse living here on the island, and going back to Alberta made me realize how much I miss them, and what I am missing out on. Love you guys!