Sunday, August 8, 2010

Clean, watered and fed

When your down to you last undies.. which usually means your hitting the good ole reliable granny undies.. you know it's time to do laundry. Adele and I went to my cousin's to do laundry and get a good visit in. Always love going up there. Adele has a lot of fun with K, and it burns both of them out!
Once again Gerry out did himself with a cured smoked ham.. OMG drool...

We played in their pool, but holy crap was it cold!!!!!! If I was a guy I would have had turtle syndrome!!!!

As per usual, Adele had her little fit at supper time.. it was nastier then the rest of the times.. she really needs to get a nap in before supper.. she can be just plain mean.. there was a bit of a screaming match.. and mommy won, but man is this kid stubborn!!!!!

Overall it was a fantastic day... love spending time with family!!!