Saturday, November 3, 2007

Life and a poopy diaper

Life is passing by me at whirlwind speed that I just can't keep up with it. I am learning on how to cope with my life situation. How to manage my emotions, and keep my head held high, and most of the time I can do it. But there are days that I just can't and my walls cave in and I suddenly feel like I just can't stand anymore. How I would love a good stiff drink!!!!
They you are to learning from what is going on in ones life, and that there is a life lesson here. Well I am being blasted with life lessons and it's happening all at once. Has been since the end of July.

On a happier note, Adele is growing, and she is slowly becoming. She smiles more and more everyday.. but that evens out the crying that she does.

TODAY she pooped and peed ALLLLL over mommy. Diaper wasn't on properly. I was laughing so hard, not because of what happened, but how I realised what she had done. I was just sitting with her, and I was well very engorged in the breasts so I had been uhm leaking. I felt wet and though OMG she can't eat fast enough, then the uhm heavenly smell appeared, and I thought OHHH time to change her. She was making faces just a few moments ago. Then my little angel looks up at me SMILING.. I thought OHHHH how cute. THEN it I clued in... I was COVERED. That little diaper just could hold the explosion that occured. So her pj's are covered, mommy is covered, and she's smiling!!!! That's my girl!

Oh heavenly product called "SHOUT" please take the stains out. Oh and I forgott to mention that she also got a pillow as well!

So in the end of all this babbling what have I learnt ... THAT SHIT HAPPENS
Deal with it