Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Push ups and clay

What an odd title,but hey its what I am doing now..
I have been inspired by watching the birds fly south, as well seeing the leaves fall... so I have returned to my roots and began working on my weaved vases again... I'm really excited with my first piece, and need to finish the feathers... then I think I will make a halloween piece to get into the spirit of things.... hmmm ideas are flowing threw my brain.....
AS for the push ups, well as I type this my right wrist is in a brace... Yes thats right a brace... yes me and my gung ho to exercise.. decided to place my 25lb daughter on my back and do push ups.... it was alll going well, until the last one, and my little one shifted her weight and well you can imagine the rest... I am typing with my left hand while my right throbs!!!!!
I laugh now.... not so much last night!!!