Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Made me smile

So as must of you know I create tonnes of hats for the neo-natal unit for our local hospital. Well today a fellow work came up to me to tell me that she was visiting a friend who just had a baby, and while exploring the maternity ward came across a bunch of pictures of little ones, and there were my hats, in the pics, and not just any hats but of my little pumpkin patch I had created in October. She said it was adorable.... Not going to lie it brought a tear to my eye, to just hear how my hats brought joy to families. It makes what I do so worth it.. and has given me an extra push to create more exciting hats for families to chose from.

Since all my hats are gone, I told my friend to ask her friend if she would like a custom one for her new little girl named Scarlet, but I think I already have an idea for her.