Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend of defiant

I love my daughter, she is my whole world, and can't imagine life without her... BUT there are times where I could have SOLD her to the gypsies... and this weekend was one of them!!!!!

She is so smart, and knows what she is doing... she knew how to push buttons, and does it so well.. She is stubborn, and strong headed. She wants to win, and in life in general is a good thing... but when it comes to winning with mommy, mommy usually comes out on top. Notice the word "usually". This weekend I was again pushed to my end, to the point where my roommate looked at me and said GO.

I found the jeans that had a belt on, put my boots on - without socks - jacket and helmet and left to cool my nerves... and it was just the one thing I needed to calm down.
Once the anger was gone, I headed home, to butt heads to my lovely little angel~ with pitch fork hidden.

I love my daughter, no question about that.. but today I am happy that she is with her father.. there are bonuses of sharing custody.. and right now this is one of them.