Monday, December 12, 2011

Saving Christmas Magic for just one more year

I received and email from a mom asking me to create a unicorn for her daughter. 
here is part of the email that she sent to me:

"All my girl wants for Christmas is a stuffy unicorn that Santa made, not one that you can buy. Santa makes his own toys and she said that he doesn't live in China, he is from the north pole, and that his toys have to be from there too.  If not then Santa must be lying.
I think this is her last year of believing...but i want her to stay little and full of magic for just one more Christmas."

Being a mom to a little person, and watching the magic that we as adults lost so long ago, it made me think, and realise that I to will go threw this, the day the magic disappears from Adele.  So I'm so happy that I can help make it last just one more year for this mom.  

So here is the work in progress:

I have to say what her daughter said about Santa makes his gifts, really hit home to me. It's true... we live in such a materialistic world and we place those ideas and values onto our children.  When really all they want is something to love and cherish. It doesn't matter how expensive it is.. but that it came from the heart.  It really is a learning lesson that we adults need to learn from.  I wish I  could see the look on this little persons face on Christmas day, and it warms my heart to know that this unicorn will be cherish and loved.

If your wondering what I wanted for Christmas, well this year it was simple.. he arrived a month early!