Tuesday, March 20, 2012

OPPS.. wrong needle

So I love this website " All about Ami " she is an amazing amigurami artist, and I follow her blog religiously! So when the other day she posted "Snuggles the penguin" I thought oh how cute, I can give that a try, pretty simple.

YAAAA so I start following her instructions, and as I'm crocheting this. .I'm thinking to myself.. this is a little big and I seem to be going threw my yarn pretty fast. The stitches are tight so what is going on. I continue on, while glancing on the floor seeing that the ball of yarn that I'm using is nearly gone.... what the heck.. look at the picture again, look at the picture of her holding the penguin... what the heck am I doing wrong.. so I decided to look at the beginning of the pattern again.. maybe give me some clue as to what happened.. YAAAA I'm an idiot is all i have to say........ WHYYYY well it turns out that not alllll amigurami designers use the convent 3.75mm or 4.25mm needle.. she uses 2.00mm... see where this is all going now people.. OH YEAH.. this is a great example of when using the exact same pattern but with a larger needle size you get........


That's right.. an entire ball of yarn and I haven't even started to decrease yet!!!! SO after work I am off to Micheals to pick up another ball of this yarn so that I can finish this very LARGE penguin. Once I'm done with this project thou.. I will redo it, using the actual size of needle she has recommended for this project, just to give you a good indication on how just changing the needle size, will FOR SURE change your project size.

FYI my other half Don was sitting in his spot giggling at me.. as I was trying to find the solution to what was going on....