Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Becoming a Whovian

Yup that's right, I like so many others have jumped on the Dr Who bandwagon and all because of Netflix.

In January I finally broke down and started to watch the series off of Netflix and I was HOOKED.
Last night I finished watching everything, and now like everyone else, eagerly awaiting for Season 8 to start, and to see how the new Doctor will turn out.

I was sad to see Matt Smith leave,  and yes he did make bow ties cool again. I'm hoping that the new Doctor (Peter Capaldi) will bring his own flare, he has really big shoes to fill, and to make the Dr his own.

Why do I like the Dr. so much. Why does anyone like the Dr so much. Is it the writing of each episode? Yes without a good script it's would be a crap show. But what I love about the Dr. is you get whisked away to so many places and times and it just makes you wish that you were his companion. What or  where would you go if you had a TARDIS.  For the time that I sit and watch Dr. Who, the world disappears.

I can't wait to introduce my daughter to the Dr.