Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Quick Trip To Calgary

Knowing my sister and her boyfriend were heading to Calgary for the Comic and Entertainment Expo, I asked if I could tag along for the ride.
The trip out to Calgary was a blast the 11 hour ride went by pretty fast with the awesome company I was with, all expect the last hour of the trip. Seemed like the longest hour ever! We all just wanted to get to Calgary now.
Once we arrived at the Stampede Grounds, it sure was nice to see my husband drive up. Living apart is difficult, and the past month was even more harder on me then usual due to circumstances.
My husband lives in the downtown core of Calgary, so for the first time I enjoyed a train ride, and all that downtown has to offer. Was able to meet his fellow co-workers and saw what an amazing team he works with. Enjoyed the a variety of all kinds of foods from around the world. Even enjoyed a little bit of shopping as well.
The main event thou came on Saturday when we went to the Expo. What an amazing adventure that was. SO MUCH TO SEE. The costumes that people created was stunning. Artist Alley was rows upon rows of talent. All and all I was so happy I was able to experience this event for the first time. I did spoil myself and purchased a Doctor Who mystery box, which had some really cool items in it (a Tardis pillow, wallet, sonic screw driver etc etc).
I have to say I was so proud of my sister, walking around all the vendors I was able to see how unique the stuff my sister made. That she had one of a kind tentacle earrings and octopus necklaces. She works so hard and it paid off at the Expo.
My whirl wind trip came to an end when my husband and I decided to head back to Victoria early. We wanted to get back and be able to pick up Adele and surprise her, as she wasn't expecting to see us until Thursday. We only made minor pit stops and was the last vehicle on the 6pm ferry!
Tired but happy to be back.
Picking up Adele from school I think was the most epic moment of the entire trip, not knowing we were there she came down the ramp and saw me first, the smile on her face said it all, but when she saw her step-dad, well the tears started to flow and she hugged him and wouldn't let go. I'd say we pulled off the surprise very well.

So that was my trip. Simple but much needed break from everything. Husband is home until next Monday, so cherishing all the time I can have with him and as well as all being a family. Family is so important treasure it.