Friday, January 18, 2008

Finding acceptance

Moving on in my life it seems hard to believe that in 6 months everything that I believed in has changed. I am on medication now, and it's started to keep me grounded and focused on my task at hand which is to get better to be able to take care of my daughter.
I have been forced into a situation that was so unexpected, but now I am learning to grieve and deal with it head on. I did not want to believe that this was really happening to me. But I am taking control of my life again, learning all over to who I am, and that it's ok to be scared and happy. I can do this, I have to keep telling myself. It's time I do things for myself. I have to heal my open wounds before I can be the best mom possible for Adele. She deserves the best. So I am taking the steps needed. I have created a circle of support. With friends, family, doctors, public health nurse, groups, and GOOD meds. I can get threw this. I will prevail. I will win this battle.