Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bike 1 Gen 0

This morning I decided I was going to try out my bike shoes! Before heading out on the road I tested my right foot of popping in and out of the pedels with the cleats of the shoes.. alll good
So off I went 6am biking to Tilicum mall, thinking I will have a coffee. I was in heaven!! Then I tried to unclip my LEFT shoe, and NOOOO go, I'm getting closer to the coffee shop, and still it's not coming off the peddle. Panic kicks in.. and then I'm reefing on my shoe.. but then the bike had stopped and down I went!!! It was like slow here I am on the cement, ego bruised, and still can't get my shoe to release from the clip. Had to take my shoe off, and standing there with one shoe on, and sock on the other! And embarassed as hell. Finally the shoe came off, and it turned out the cleat had rotated... so lucky for me the manager of Starbucks was a cyclist and he had an alan key. So with an Americano in one hand and tools in the other I fixed my shoes, and looked at what damaged might have been done to the bike!
And then enjoyed the ride home, laughing of my adventure. I am more bruised now then I have been in a long time, and this is all in one week!.