Monday, August 4, 2008

Shyte and Snow birds

Well it's been awhile since i have written here. Alot is going on.

First of all this morning was a HUGE surprise. Walking into Addy's room, there was an odor of shyte (no other way to put it) not thinking much of it, until we walked up to her crib!!! It was everywhere. Bed sheets, clothes, hands hair, face, sheets, bed bumper, shall I go on!!! So my little angel had a morning bath, and her room aired out.

My mom purchased a bike for me, and I can't tell you the freedom I feel when I ride. Today I rod 13km. It was amazing. I need to add some bits to the bike (bell, rack on the back). This week I should be getting the Chariot, which means Addy will be able to come with me!

Now today was BC's 150 birthday, and Penny and I went down to the Legislature to listen to our PM talk and open the ceremonies. Alot of blah blah, but the best part was the snowbirds. They were amazing. I took some really amazing photos, they flew right over us. I had goose bumps just watching them.