Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First time at the movies - Cars 2

So the decision between my Ex and I was that when Cars 2 came out we would ALL take her to see this movie as Adele's first experience in a theater.
Sunday was the big day - this kid had a huge entourage with her. My Ex and his girlfriend, Mason (Adele's buddy) Mason's parents, as well as Mason's grandparents and uncle.
I had the priviledge of sitting beside my daughter (her request) and not gonna lie, it felt a little weird sitting beside my Ex. Can't remember the last time we were in a theater together, and of course his girlfriend clutched to his arm on the other side of him (not gonna lie.. made me giggle)

Adele's words before the movie started " Mama I'm gonna FREAK OUT" it was sooo cute..

As for the movie.. Well I'm not gonna lie.. I was rather disappointed.. WHY you may ask.. the Violence.. So much violence for children to watch.. numerous times I had to explain to my child about what was happening.. and how killing is bad, and what those bad guys were doing was wrong. The whole point of seeing this movie and why we picked it was because the first one had no violence, and had a heart felt moral to it.

As an adult Cars 2 did have a few good laughs, but was more worried about what my daughter was looking at.

I hate to say this, but I DO NOT recommend this movie for younger children... this is more gear towards teenagers and adults... which to me is pretty sad to say the least. I now wish we would have known that part and waited for the new Winnie the Pooh movie.
But oh well.. can't win them all..