Monday, July 18, 2011

Number 15

I finally reached number 15 of artwork on my body!
I'm very proud of this one, and it is to honour first my grandfather - who fought in WW2 as well as the Korean, and other battles that have not been told of. Second for my Uncle Brian, who is currently still serving in the military, and who has seen more then I could ever imagined. I also dedicate this tattoo to all serving and have served members of our military, but this tattoo is to also honor those that have done the ultimate sacrifice for us, and that they will NEVER be forgotten!

"Freedom isn't Free" and we need to remember that. We are here because of those that go and fight for us. We need to be greatful and thank those that leave their families, loved ones, and support for when they return.

Again I ride with a group of amazing veterans and I'm truly honored to ride beside them.

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