Monday, April 23, 2012

Tattoos + me = 5 hours endurance

For some who have been reading this blog for awhile knows that I'm not just a single mom, or a crochet artist, or a graphics person or even a photographer.. I am also a mom who likes tattoos, and as of Saturday I now have 17.
I have a high tolerance for pain, but I can honestly say this one took the cake and tested me big time
My tattoo artist Doug he owns "4 More Tattoos" in Langford -

Doug is truly an incredible artist.. I have known him for 10 years now, and has done most of the work that is on my body.  This piece he did on Saturday is no exception. His attention to detail and giving you exactly what you want and more!!!

I will have to say that I think I am done being tattoo for a very very long time.. This piece is very large and took most of my back.  It really tested my pain threshold, and how much I could handle.  5 Hours is a long time in a chair for anyone!

Anyone who tells you that getting tattooed on the spine does not hurt is lying to you or on drugs when they had it done.   There were moments where I had to ask him to stop just so I could regroup myself..

But 5 hours later, and a masterpiece is now on my back!

Thanks Doug you are truly truly gifted at what you do.. and I feel very privilege to not only have you as my artist but as a friend!