Monday, April 16, 2012

Tired little critters and Sherbert the Slug

Adele had a very very busy weekend.. she helped weeded the yard, create blanket forts, took Don out for lunch at Timmies, helped cleaned the bathroom, help with laundry, helped with the baking (banana bread and jello) and then her and Buttercup curled up on the floor and this was the end result.. pretty cute if you ask me!

Also : 

Another Slug - Sherbert the Slug. He was made while watching Backyardigans I believe three episodes with Adele. He tried to play soccer but the tiny soccer ball was to big for him

He then tried his luck on the floor.. not the best idea

and to his realization is was safer to be on a computer, and watch the world around him

So he will be traveling to Edmonton to live with my sister Dee.. 
I can't keep these guys.. so if anyone would like a slug of their owe, let me know your colors, I sell them for $15

Gen ... aka Jelly Bean