Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tinkerbell Project.. the beginning

So as you have read in previous post, i'm making a Tinkerbell blanket for my daughter.

Just a bit of the yarn attached to the blanket at once

Using Denise Interchangeable Crochet and extensions kit. This blanket is done in Tunisian simple stitch (165 stitches in length) 

So after a "uhm few hours" this is what I have done.. yaaaaaa it's going to be a big blanket.. but work it. 

Diva helping me! yaaa KITTIES and Yarn in my house doesn't match!

I'm having a lot of fun and challenging making this... the twisting of the spools yarn. So it got a little nuts when making the feet.. now I'm at start of her legs.. as you can see I'm about to start the sparkles.. etc etc.. So onto the next section!