Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tunisian crochet

So I'm taking a break from making creatures.. just need a change for my hands..
I started to play with tunisian crochet.. being someone who works with pixels all the time.. I love this crochet technique.. You have seen me do this before.. and this pattern before.. so i'm just refining my techniques.  So this little beauty is going to be a pot holder, once this side is done, I will create the opposite effect for the second side, and stitch together... and see where that takes me...

As for creatures.. I will be in the swing of things fairly soon. My octopuses were a huge success at the Calgary Comic Con ( thank you DEE) and my sister has request more, as well as mini ones and headbands.. so I will be in the throw of eight legs  ....  which reminds me I need more eyes!


I'm really lucky to have a supportive family, and be apart of an artistic family!