Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rowing to third - YAY TEAM SCOTTY

UPDATE : here is the video for everyone to watch!

It was an awesome Saturday. Out of 12 teams Team Scotty received a bronze!
For never rowing in my life of for anyone else on the our team, it was truly an awesome feeling!
There were some mishaps in the final race but overall it was an experience I can't wait to do again!

Our bronze medal

Eric and Trevor and their moms cheering us on!

Alex and I  - my awesome officemate!! 

Eric and Trevor scoping out the competition!

Betsy our Scotty mascot and Jessie 

teams getting ready to race

amazing walk way that goes over the water to watch the races

Karen and her daughter Alysha ( fellow team mates)

Crystal checking it all out

Hannah cheering us on!