Wednesday, June 13, 2012

She is on her way....

It's funny when you start to clean out a computer.. it's the same feeling as going threw a closet full of "stuff" and finding little gems, things that make you smile and remember, or things that make you sad, but still make you smile. Today i'm slowly getting ride of files that aren't needed anymore.. but I always come across pictures of Adele.. and how much she has changed in such a short time

This picture made me smile and feel sad all at the same time.. my mini me is growing and she can't stay mini anymore..

Then again, I would be missing out on what is happening now, and what is to come.. 
and I don't think I would want that.. 
She is expanding and soaring in so many ways, from learning about how make robots, and dance like a monkey to pretending to be an astronaut to believe she can be whatever she want.. my job is to stand and encourage and wipe the tears when she falls and stand her back on her feet.. she is on her way oh the places she will go, the people she will meet, and dreams that will soar,  and in all and all I'm proud to say that she will find her way, she is on her way

Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So... get on your way.” ~  Dr. Seuss