Thursday, July 12, 2012


As some of you may be aware of, I will be partaking in Boomer's Legacy ride for 2013.
And to start fundraising I have decided that my ladybugs will become Boomer's Ladybugs. 
Which means for every ladybug I sell $5 will go towards the ride.  
If you would like to buy a ladybug, please click here  (Ladybugs sell for $15)

Also to help me get started and train for this ride, Goldstream Cycle in Langford BC is graciously helping me in this journey.  I am very lucky and humbled by the amazing generosity that these guys and gal are doing for me. 

So if your in need a bicycle for all your needs, these are the guys to go to. They will find the right bike and the right fit for you.  Whether your young, old or just starting to ride a bike. They will be with you every step of your cycling adventure!!!!