Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend with Adele

This weekend was a busy weekend for Adele and I. With Don working on Saturday.. it was a mama and daughter day. So this is what we did...
Went to the beach and fed the birds - remind Swans are HUGE and are taller then child.. 

Beach is a much nicer place to enjoy the morning.

After sending text messages back and forth to my friend Andrea, she informed me that her and the kids were going to go berry picking! DONE DONE and DONE.. 
Upon arriving we discovered that it was a berry festival, so the girls got to enjoy getting their face painted while the older boys enjoyed the maze. 

Adele was a fantastic berry picker.. uhm I think to that more berries went into her mouth then the basket.. We had so much fun. There was also live music, and lots of entertainment for the entire family

Adele and Kara - they pretty much have known each other since birth, and it's always awesome to get the two girls together. 

Adele decided to demonstrate her artistic skills.. her  version of the Jolly Roger... arrrggggg

Sunday we watch little man Grayson! Adele learnt very quickly that babies are a lot of work, and was good experience for her, as her father and wife are expecting their child in Nov.

It was an awesome week and weekend with Adele.. it was very hard to let go this morning for both mama and daughter.. but in 7 sleeps she comes home and then we are off to our Alberta Adventure!!!!!