Thursday, April 22, 2010

Something Orange

I had an aha moment.. which in turn made me feeling a little silly.. I realised that my daughter need a new hat for the summer. Looking at stores trying to find the right hat for her.. then I broke out in laughter.. DUH I can crochet one!!!! WOW what a concept. I have been so busy making things for other people.. didn't realise that I could just whip one up!
And then I realised that I had was working on a Spring CAL project... This is PURFECT

I have to say Adele looks ADORABLE in it. Is there any color this kid does not look good in????

SO this picture is a sneak peak at what I did. The hat it's self is done, but now I'm going to make daffodils and work with the them of the Spring CAL to add to it.