Thursday, March 17, 2011

Riding = Therapy

Not a lot of people know what has occurred to me in the past three years, and the loss that I have gone threw, but the day that I was finally able to ride a motorcycle sent feelings of freedom and total relaxation. I ride because I enjoy the sense of freedom that a motorcycle gives, your vulnerable, your at the mercy of the elements, you have to relax yet be aware of your surroundings. Your alone with your thoughts. I have solved world peace so many times I've stopped counting. It's funny no matter what even when riding in a group, you are surrounded by fellow riders, who all understand the peace and tranquility of riding, but you are still alone when you ride. I love it, it is my therapy, my release from this world, from my reality of life.
Someone once told me, have you ever seen a motorcycle in front of a therapist office??