Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yoga and cross training

Ok so I have started back up in yoga now.. oh boy! So much work again at least I have 30 weeks to go!!!
I have started to notice my energy level increasing, and I have lost 6lb now. Jeans are starting to fit better, and I notice my sleeping pattern is shifting...So far so good.. knock on wood!

I have to get my peddle bike up in working order again, so that can be added to my training sessions.

I'm also back into reading about running again and will post my favorite places to go soon.
I'm still pretty excited about this journey I'm partaking in. It's nice to have a goal again..
Again having a support team behind me is worth it's weight in gold!

So here is a list of runs so far that I would like to accomplish this year:

TC 10k

Run for Dad - Prostate Cancer run - as many of you know this is the cancer that took my father away from me and my family.. it's time to do the run again!

5k Run for the cure

Good life fitness Half marathon