Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Flat Tire on the bike

I know now what happens on a bike when you get a flat tire.. and let me tell you.. it's an experience I don't particularly want to go threw again anytime soon.
The feeling of your back tire going flat creates this intense sound.. I honestly thought that it was my engine, then the back started to wobble all over the place.. I was able to get the bike and myself safely to the side of the road... Once I calmed my nerves.. I called work, and the guys were so awesome.. I fellow co-worker named Chris, hooked up the race car trailer and came and picked up. My bike got the royal treatment..Once back at the work, Chris was awesome, he removed the tire from the bike, and another co-worker suggested I called Peninsula Tire out here in Sidney.. They don't normally do motorcycle tires, but was so amazing enough to fix mine.. SO THREE CHEERS to Peninsula Tires and Brakes out here in Sidney!!!!! Fantastic guys for fixing a girls bike tire!!
Then another THUMBS up to Chris for putting my back tire back on.. which allowed me to ride back home..

I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little more paranoid now, and listening even more so to all the sounds that the bike makes. But I am truly grateful to everyone that helped me on Monday.. and that I did not have to experience a ride in an ambulance and made it home safely...

and what was in my tire, a Philips SCREW!!!!!