Thursday, June 2, 2011

How Adele was named

I have been asked how did I chose the name of my little one, was she named after the singer.. and I thought well now is a good time to explain.

When I was 16, I had a teacher named Remi Maisonneuve. He was our computer teacher, he was the one that allowed me to explore and test out computer programs in high school, aka the beginnings of Photoshop, and a hand held scanner. He always encouraged me to test and look outside the box.

He had three kids, Sarah, Joel and Adele. I used to babysit the kids as well, and always loved the name Adele from the moment I heard it.

Time moved on, and graduation, then I moved away from the area, but I always made a point to say hi to Remi, when I would go home, and tell him of where my computer knowledge that he first started was taking me.

Discovering that I was pregnant then realizing I was to have a little girl, many names came flooding to my brain. Angelina, Isabella, but none seemed right.. then one night as my little person rolled in my belly, the name Adele came racing to my brain.

I never had the chance to tell Remi, that my daughter was actually named after his, as he and his family moved away, but perhaps one day I will get to tell him... how one person can influence even years later!