Monday, June 13, 2011

Rde for the Fallen

There are truly no words to express how I feel after this weekend. Joy, Sorrow, Excited, Teary, Happy, Sad.... This weekend I felt it all.. and this weekend I stood tall as a CAV member, proud to be apart of such an incredible family of riders.Brothers and Sisters all united to be supportive for our Silver Cross Families..
I took 2736 Pictures of this weekends events..
I had the privilege of meeting and being a shoulder to lean on for some of our silver cross families, and I feel I am truly blessed to have been part of it!
There are just no words.. no words at all..

We now have a Highway of Heroes, because of our Brothers of Ubique, but especially the hard work of Brother Brutus! Who is an amazing man, with a heart of gold.. and it is such a privilege to know him!

I have looked threw the many pics I have taken and will be posting a few up on the blog soon, as well as the link to the server where I have places a few..