Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little monster indeed

OK people this is a venting moment  - cover your ears or something

I love my child, everyone who knows me knows that that little girl saved me from falling into a dark hole, and showed me what true love is..

BUT right now is I swear the devil in disguses as a CUTE blonde blue eyed child..
NO NO NO NO NO.. Adele socks - NO, Adele coat - NO, Adele clothes please - NO

Then we are now back into hitting and kicking - to add to the NO factor. What she turns 4 and is a UFC fighter now.. when did this happen. That was not in the manual when she was born... I saw the contract in there was NO mention of UFC fighter..

I know my mom is probably laughing and thinking "ahhhh sweet revenge" as she is a mini me, no doubt about that. Stubborn and cute!!!!!

I love you Adele, but ARGGGGGGHHHHHHHH