Thursday, September 29, 2011


WIP - Work in Progress -
I have a few projects on the go, some are hidden deep within the container of wool screaming for completion, which i choose to ignore.

I have been working on a couple of projects that I would like to share with you today... drum roll please... ok in my head it is a drum roll, in your head might be tumble weeds rolling across the desert..

Adeles new hat :
As you can see I'm using a kniffty knitter.  Adele chose the colors. I'm using Paton's "Beehive Baby Chunky" in Billowy Blue and Plusher Pink. This yarn works really well with the loom.  It very easy to handle, and the outcome so far gives the hat a warm cozy feeling.  The hardest part to stop Adele from putting it on her head while I'm making this!!!! I will also be using Clover Pom Pom maker to finish this hat off!

(Please Note : the pink wool looks like it is throwing up, yaaa over pulled the center out, and also note the timmies cup - a must for all Canadian crocheters!)

Second Project: a shawl for ME:

Ok so right now it's not much.. I have a bunch of these flowers to make still, and I need to start blocking the flowers. I took the pattern from "Crochet! Magazine"  The yarn that i'm using is Sidar Snuggly "Baby Bamboo"  It is soooooo soft, and I love working with bamboo.  Just wish it wasn't so expensive!!! Originally this shawl was going to be a gift for someone, and as I started to work on it, I realised that I have yet to make something for myself, and thought it was about time. Can you imagine with this is done with a little black dress!!!!!!

So that's it for now.. .. more pics to follow!