Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Yesterday was Halloween and I had my little one with me this year. We were supposed to go to the Mall then trick or treat around the neighbourhood, but she was so exhausted from the daycare and they're halloween party, that we both decided that a good cuddle time on the couch, have a warm meal, then head out.
We managed to do about a block, and my little one had a full bucket and was happily finished for the evening.  She did most of the walking and I was so proud of her at how polite she was to everyone!!! She even told one lady to have a good sleep! It was so sweet...

In the end Adele was very content with her halloween treasure trove, and we now have treats to last for many months to come!

BTW if your wondering what my daughter was for halloween, good question, she changed her mind a few times, and went from Batgirl, to zombie girl, to combat girl and in the end she decided that being all three was cool!