Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Baby talk and SUD

Yesterday was my first Baby Talk. It's where a group of mothers and babies get together and chat about what is happening and how each of us is dealing with being a new mom, or get knowledge from more seasoned moms. I enjoyed myself and was nice to see that "your not alone". Adele was great, she slept threw the whole thing, well until the end. I weighted her and she is now 8 lb 7 ounces. I am hoping to gain some friendships with this group. Oddly enough I met a mother sitting beside me, and it's a smallllll world but she was from my home area. WHAT are the odds!

S.U.D. - oh man what a wonderful invention!! What is it you may ask.. well Dustin came up with it :
"Shut Up Device" aka a soother! For those of you who get my humour, I was laughing so hard when he said this.
So whenever you hear me talk about SUD you will understand. One lady in the group didn't get the humour in it, and thought I was a horrible mother for even calling something like that.