Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Myths about Midwife

Well yesterday was my last midwife appointment, and it was sad to say goodbye. Aisia Salo was fantastic, and couldn't have asked for a better person to bring our daughter into this world.
Myths about midwives
1. Place of birth - my daughter was not born in a hippie van or in a barn. She was born in the hospital ( but one can choose to have a home birth)
2. Midwives are women from the outback - Midwives are highly educated people that require them to go threw and intense 4 year program.
3. Midwives aren't doctors - no they aren't but they have knowlege that are strictly for birth and taking care of baby. If they see a problem, they will send you to a doctor. They ARE your primary care giver, and take CARE of YOU and baby. Doctors have way to many things on their plate.
4.The best part of a midwife is that it was covered by the health care system.